Syrian opposition figures deny making statements to state media

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Syrian opposition figure Marah Al-Bukai has denied that he made statements to the Syrian Souryana radio station on Wednesday.

Souryana is affiliated with the Syrian regime’s General Authority for Radio and Television. On Wednesday, it released statements for prominent Syrian opposition figures such George Sabra, Marah Al-Bukai and Jihad Makdissi and claimed they made these statements to it.

However, Bukai said she did not make any statements to Souryana and noted how the station did not name the correspondent who communicated with her to take the alleged statement and how a correspondent cannot be heard asking questions before she made the alleged statement.

She also said that the statement broadcast by the radio was old as she made it last year to another station, adding that Souryana may have edited the statement to broadcast it.

Meanwhile, Sabra told All4Syria that there wasn’t any communication with Souryana, adding that due to the circumstances of the negotiations currently happening in Geneva, he’s been avoiding communicating with audiovisual and audio media.

This article is also available in Arabic.

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