Egyptian television ‘4th generation warfare expert’ exposed as fraud

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An Egyptian television personality was revealed to be a fake by a news website which reported that ‘fourth generation warfare and human development’ expert Mohammed Salem barely had any education qualifications.

The website www.masrawy.com reported that the ‘expert’, Salem, was regularly hosted on Egyptian state television commenting on human development issues, computer information systems and fourth generation warfare.

The news website further reported that Salem was a only holder of a technical diploma, which is equivilant to a vocational training diploma.

The case is the second of its kind after earlier this week after a New York deli worker, Hatem al-Jamasi, was hosted on Egyptian media as a US based political analyst specializing on Middle East issues.

Salem admitted to Masrawy that he only has a technical diploma, adding that after he attained it, he read several books to gain knowledge and appear on TV through his connections with some program producers.

He also said that he was on the verge of presenting a program about human development and fourth generation warfare on a private television channel.

His television appearances made him famous in his town of Minya.

In June 2016, security forces arrested a fraud who appeared on Egyptian television channels claiming he was a security and technical expert who worked in the government.