PHOTOS: Attack of Syrian director and activist

Muhammed Bayazid was attacked on Tuesday October 1 in Istanbul, Turkey. (Supplied)

Details of the attack on Syrian director and activist Muhammad Bayazid in Istanbul this week were revealed with images of the wounds.

Cinematographer Salama Abdou told Al Arabiya that Bayazid, an award winning film director who’s latest film, ‘The Tunnel’ was about the notorious Palmyra political prison in Syria, was ambushed by a person who claimed to be a Syrian businessman interested in financing his film.

Abdou was present with Bayazid during the attack said that the attacker contacted the Syrian director and asked to meet him at Marmara University in Istanbul’s Üsküdar region where he was lecturing.

المخرج السوري محمد بايزيد في المستشفى

المخرج السوري محمد بايزيد في المستشفى

The man called him shortly afterwards to change the venue of the meeting, and asked Mohammed to come to his home for dinner with a group of friends.

Muhammad then asked his friend Salama Abdou to come with him to this dinner.

As they were driving to the agreed location, they grew suspicious because the place was in a deserted area.

محمد بايزيد مطعونا

محمد بايزيد مطعونا

After a few minutes of waiting, Abdou told Al Arabiya, a man came and approached Muhammad’s window asking who Mohammed Bayazid was. When the latter identified himself, the man took a knife out of his pocket aiming to stab Muhammad, the director quickly reacted and the knife settled in the right side of the chest next to his shoulder.

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