Yemeni anchor who announced brother’s death at Houthi hands speaks out

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Yemeni anchor Mohamed al-Dhbyani engaged social media users with his emotional video reporting the death of his brother Amin.

Mohamed al-Dhbyani 32, was forced to leave Yemen to escape the Houthi militia’s storming of the capital Sanaa, but he did not know that soon after he would lose his dear brother.

Al Arabiya spoke to al-Dhbyani whose brother was kidnapped and killed by the Houthis:

How did you receive the ominous news, and how did your family confirm the killing of your brother?

My brother was a civilian who got kidnapped from his workplace, his only sin was that his brother is a journalist who opposes the militias and having another brother who was killed earlier defending Yemen from the militant attacks.

Before the news was revealed, there were reports of the bombing of the military police, the biggest fear was that Amin and his fellow abductees were hit.

My family and relatives were roaming Sanaa hospitals in hope that we get any confirmation that he is not among the wounded, but the militias deliberately mislead them, and did not disclose the news of his death till after Friday prayers. I called my other brother to know the latest news, only to find him crying and saying, “We lost Amin.”

How did you feel knowing your second brother was also killed by the Houthi militias?

I tried to remain in control while reporting Amin’s death, but I failed to hold back my tears. In my mind, I pictured his smile, his voice and recalled many memories. I insisted on continuing in spite of the mixed feelings of pride and pain.

It was a very tough moment, and God granted me the patience to report the news, so that the world knows the savagery, terrorism and barbarism of Houthis.

We must send everyone the message that we will not give in to sorrow. We will not weaken our determination to achieve victory. It is a fateful battle that determines our future to reach a state of peace and freedom, away from the tyranny of the militias and their sectarian claws and their hidden hatred for humanity, society and noble values.

Tell us about the role your brothers played in resisting the Houthi militias and what he said in his will

My brothers Ahmed and Amin fought against injustice, and it is natural to stand against the control of the Houthis. Ahmed was one of Yemen's free people who took a stand against Iran's sectarian project, and joined the march on September 18, 2011, and it is ironic that he was killed in the same date in 2015.

At the beginning of 2015, Ahmed was involved with the popular resistance groups in Marib. He defended Marib alongside the people’s resistance till his death on September 18, 2015. Amin was the only family member who took care of his burial. Amin, at the time was in Marib and was shocked at the news. He returned to his previous job as a graphic designer upon my mother’s request.

The armed Houthi militants stormed his store on August 7, 2017, kidnapped him and our younger brother Mamoun, and locked them up in Alia police station. There he was subjected to brutal physical torture on a daily basis till he was transferred to the central prison. We attempted bargaining with the militias to release him in exchange for a senior Houthi leader captured by the national army in the frontier of Marwah.

This confirms false allegations of militias that the martyred belong to military police or are prisoners of war from the national army.

Amin remained steadfast in his firm position of against the militias and not bowing to them and their satanic project, despite being subjected to torture, abuse, and starvation as we found his body with visible signs of starvation.

Tell us about your family's struggle history

My family will remain in the same resisting stand against the Houthi militias, struggling to recover our country and send this sectarian cancer out of our land.

What message do you wish to send the Houthis in particular and to the Yemeni people in general?

My message to the Houthis is that no matter how tyrannical and fascist they are, their wrongful uprising will end, and that the Yemenis who overthrew the clerical monotheism on September 26, 1962 are going to make it impossible to give in to their project, their defeat is imminent, and that justice is around the corner, soon Iran will abandon them to meet their fate which is total defeat.

My message to the Yemenis is that there is no way for us other than to cling to legitimacy in order to restore dignity and our country.

The unity of our ranks is capable of defeating this bitter sectarian enemy, achieve complete liberation, strengthening us and healing the wounds that Houthi inflicted in every Yemeni home.