WATCH: How an Al Arabiya crew reached Iraqi Kurdistan after flight ban

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Due to a ban imposed by Iraq banning all international flights to and from Kurdistan since September, reaching the country has become difficult according to a team from Al Arabiya who experienced the journey.

An Al Arabiya crew was able to reach Kurdistan through one of the Turkish land crossings with the territory.

The reporter and crew got visas from the Kurdish government, however it only allowed them to enter from the Baghdad airport.

The crew reached the Sabiha airport in Istanbul, and waited for their internal flight to Chernak airport.

On board, the Al Arabiya reporter met several Kurdish people who take the same trip every time they want to visit their home country.

From Chernak airport, the crew headed to the Khabur crossing from the Turkish side, called Ibrahim al-Khalil from the Kurdish side, which is considered one of the largest and most important commercial passages in Iraq.

After a 20-hour trip on two flights, Al Arabiya took road transportation to reach the Ibrahim al-Khalil crossing in Kurdistan.

The trip does not end there, reaching the country’s capital Erbil would need another four hours by car.