Veteran Egyptian Naksa broadcaster Ahmad Saeed dies on war anniversary

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Veteran Egyptian journalist Ahmad Saeed has passed away at 93 after a long fight with illness.

Saeed was known for his role in broadcasting the press statements during the 1967 War, which its 51st anniversary falls on Tuesday.

His voice is widely remembered across the Middle East for broadcasting on Sawt al-Arab, the first and most prominent Egyptian transnational Arabic-language radio services.

He read media statements attributed to military sources in the Egyptian army claiming Egypt’s overwhelming victory during the war that broke out on the morning of June 5, which were not true.

Egypt suffered an ignoble military defeat by Israel in 1967.

Saeed was born in 1925 and holds a Law bachelor degree from Cairo University in 1946. He worked on a radio program called “The Voice of Arabs” on Radio Cairo.

He then headed Sawt al-Arab when it was founded by Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser.

The success credit of many of its broadcasting programs goes to Saeed.

He attracted millions of Egyptian and Arab listeners when he introduced new forms of radio broadcasting based on sound effects.

As well as relying on rhetoric and enthusiastic slogans that mobilize public sentiment during periods of national liberation from colonialism.