Egyptian TV host: Cancelling my show caused many deaths

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Controversial Egyptian TV host Reham Saeed revealed new details on her ongoing battle with the Egyptian channel “Al-Nahar” that used to air her show, after she was found not guilty in a previous court case where she was accused of encouraging the abduction of children and human trafficking.

Saeed is infamous for several lapses during her career such as insulting Syrian refugees and shaming an Egyptian sexual assault victim.

The host said in a statement to Al Arabiya that she was subjected to injustice and libel, and was shocked to find out that the channel did not support her when she was arrested and awaiting trial for child abduction.

She added that she suffers from psychological problems and financial struggles as a result of the channel’s “horrible treatment”, and is upset that after a 14-year struggle of trying to succeed in media, she was treated unjustly.

The host added that during her career she was subjected to violence and humiliation for trying to combat terrorism, drugs, and harassment.

She added that the show, “Sabaya al-Khair,” is a humanitarian program that helps treat thousands of patients who suffer from numerous illnesses, and provides open-heart surgeries to children who are at risk of dying.

According to her, “stopping the show has resulted in the death of all those on the show’s waiting list,” and many people are waiting for the show’s return in hopes that they could receive treatment abroad.

Saeed added that the National Media Authority decided to relaunch the program earlier but reduce its duration, so they could save the lives of those “hundreds of patients”.

Saeed said that the success of her program garnered millions of ads and views for the channel, and that she was willing to confront anyone who tried to stop the program.