An emotional Steve Harvey says, ‘I was homeless, but now I’m in Dubai’

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Award-winning American comedian Steve Harvey spoke about his tough beginnings, and the long road to his success in a session moderated by MBC Group’s TV Director Ali Jaber at the launch of a new series of talks called ‘MBC Hosts’.

The series of talks features personalities from around the world who contributed to the shaping of key industries.

Dubbed “the busiest man in Hollywood,” the talk show host, motivational speaker and New York Times best-selling author spoke about creating and delivering entertaining and motivational content, products and experiences.

“I was not a good student. My gift has nothing to do with school. I was homeless for three years, I lost everything twice. But now I’m in Dubai,” Harvey said.

“On my vision board I had asked God to increase my global brand and persona, my whole goal has been to go global,” he added.

Harvey joked that he now buys “many expensive, comfortable cars” in case he becomes homeless again and has to live in them.

Harvey stressed the importance of “millennials” and says that he always hires them to “be in the know.” He added that it is important for the young generation to listen to “old people,” and vice versa, adding that the new generation is “very smart… they know a lot.”

Referring to his humble beginnings, Harvey said that his gift had nothing to do with education.

“You’re never getting to thousands of people if you don’t do the small clubs. At 20 you will not be famous, you have nothing to talk about,” Harvey said.

When asked to give advice to young Arab comedians, Harvey said that there is no school for this profession.

“This is something that God has to give you at birth it has to be in you, because there is no school for it,” he said.

“Do not release your material on YouTube for nothing - no one will laugh at the joke over and over - you need a house laugh every 8-15 seconds. No one will laugh if they know the punchline,” he added.

‘MBC Hosts’ is a new platform tailored to industry experts in key sectors, exposing them to stories about brand-to-consumer connections through television. Each session will run up to 60 minutes, featuring enticing talks that bring those featured personalities closer to stakeholders — revealing the secret recipe behind their empires.