Coronavirus interview turns into comedic family feud with Cuomo brothers

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A lighthearted family feud provided CNN viewers with comic relief during coronavirus coverage on Tuesday when news anchor Chris Cuomo brought up his family’s curfew during an interview with his older brother New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo.

When the CNN anchor asked about the possibility of implementing a lockdown in New York state, Governor Cuomo said he never liked the word “curfew” because of the connotation it had during his childhood.

“Dad tried to implement a curfew for me. I never got past the resentment,” said Governor Cuomo.

Chris Cuomo responded by saying the governor’s issue with the family curfew was the “least” of his problems, which prompted the governor to call out his younger brother for violating the family curfew “all the time.”

Chris then reminded his brother that no matter how busy he is as New York governor “there’s always time to call mom.”

“She wants to hear from you, just so you know,” Chris Cuomo said.

The sibling rivalry went to a new level when the New York politician said he had, in fact, called their mother before the interview and that “she said I was her favorite.”

“But good news, she said you were her second favorite son,” the Governor replied.

“She never said that,” said Chris, ending the segment by telling his brother: “Stay strong, stay for your people, I appreciate you being here, I love you bro.”

Some viewers took to Twitter to say they appreciated the moment of family drama that made them forget about the intense coronavirus news.

“Watching the Cuomo brothers' sibling rivalry play out on TV is the respite from coronavirus news I never knew I needed,” said user Brittany Robins.

“Coronavirus is bringing out the best in the Cuomo brothers,” posted user Aneela Mirchandani.

The Italian American brothers are both sons of the late Mario Cuomo, who served as governor of New York for three terms.

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