Moscow Sniper terrorizes Assads forces in the Syrian war

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According to the Telegraph report, the Syrian sniper sees himself no different from Vassili Zaitsev, Jude Law’s character in the film, as they both crawl into safety and at the same time kill for survival.

Moscow Sniper was a front line soldier for the Assad regime before defecting six months ago, he was also assigned in the south of the country in Deraa prior to his changing sides.

In a coincidence such that of the hunting down of Law’s character in the film, Moscow Sniper was hunted down as well by regime forces, says the report.

“The regime sent two men to assassinate me,“ he said as quoted by the Telegraph.

Moscow Sniper explains that they knew about him from the signature graffiti he leaves on walls – “Moscow sniper was here”--, like the instance in the suburb of Suleiman Halabi after regime forces discovered rebel forces hiding in the area.

The sniper explained the two men were dressed in civilian clothes to avoid suspicion and kept asking people on his whereabout, but were eventually arrested after being caught paying for the information.

They both had pistols with silencers attached, added the soldier.

In a group divided into two squadrons that tried to take down an outpost by regime forces on Wednesday in Karem Jabal, Moscow Sniper was lucky enough to be a part of the left side squadron who survived from grenades exploding him into bits. The outpost was protecting a major military base, according to the Telegraph.

Moscow Sniper said they were supposed to “squeeze it [the outpost] like the neck of a snake” when the other squadron charged in after feeling victorious over an attack that downed captain and two lieutenants of the regime forces, a big fatal mistake, said the sniper.

“They lost control, discipline,” explained Moscow Sniper, “They thought they had a victory.”

The regime outpost forces fired on them without mercy, described the sniper, others were bombed into pieces while others were shot down by snipers.

Dr. Ahmed Radwan, a doctor assigned at a rebel hospital in Aleppo, said in a report by the Telegraph, that ten men died from the unsuccessful Wednesday attack while 15 managed to return, luckily, alive.

No matter how Moscow Sniper thinks himself as a surviving character in the Syrian war, wars in real life don’t have video cameras filming the whole turn of events for a film, only cameras of journalists hungry for news; fighters are only left with one thing to do at night-- a roll of gun-fires at night to pay tribute to their martyrs, an unfortunate event that might sum up what’s happening in Syria at present.

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