‘The crisis in Bahrain in 10,000 photos,’ a revolution in images

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A Bahraini publisher has released a book charting the political uprising in the country.

The collection of photos are from both local and international sources, they depict the true nature of what happened in Bahrain according to publisher Khaled Jamaan.

He believes the media did not portray an accurate picture of the events in Bahrain.

This project is an attempt to do just that.

“All media means are biased to one side or another; we hope that this project will be objective and will serve all the future generations so they will be able to have a source that is not biased to any side or party,” said Jamaan.

The book will include pictures taken during the first 40 days of the uprising.

Jamaan states that he has received international interest.

“We launched this book in the Frankfurt international book fair, and many international researchers were interested in our project. They have asked us to publish this book online; this will hopefully be our next step,” he said.

He has not lost faith in his country.

“Bahrain is small country that embraced all communities and religions for so many years. Nobody accepted or wished for what happened.”

The political crisis began two years ago, its repercussions will need a long time to heal stated the publisher.