ElBaradei’s resignation garners mixed reactions in Egypt

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Egypt’s Vice President Mohammad ElBaradei’s resignation, following a crackdown on protests by supporters of the ousted President Mohammad Mursi, has garnered mixed reactions from the local political scene.

The “Tamarod,” movement, a grassroots opposition campaign, which drew millions of Egyptians to protest against Mursi, condemned ElBaradei’s resignation saying it was irresponsible.

“ElBaradei’s resignation at this historical moment is an evasion of responsibility. We had hoped ElBaradei [would perform] his role in clarifying the [situation] to the global public opinion and to the international community and that he [would] explain that Egypt is confronting an organized terrorism that gravely threatens Egypt’s national security,” the movement said in a statement.

Former Muslim Brotherhood official, Tharwat al-Kharbawi, described ElBaradei’s resignation as high treason against Egypt and stated that former vice president’s actions wrongly implied that Egyptian authorities had attacked protesters, Al-Yawm al-Sabea daily reported on Thursday.

“ElBaradei’s resignation at this timing has unmasked him. He proved to all of us that he operates within an American-Western scheme that wants Egypt to fall,” Kharbawi added.

Egyptian journalist Mustafa Bakri said ElBaradei’s resignation was expected and accused the latter of failing to take into account Egypt’s national security.

“ElBaradei doesn’t care about Egypt’s security. His stance is against [Egyptian security], and he looks after the Americans’ interests in the region,” Bakri stated.

“ElBaradei’s stance is not any different from the enemies’. Let them all go to hell. The people, the army, police and the judiciary will not be defeated and will neither tolerate America’s agents nor the traitors who sell us at times of crises.”

Meanwhile, the National Salvation Front (NSF) expressed “plenty of sadness” at the news of ElBaradei’s resignation, according to an official statement published by the Middle East News Agency.

Yemeni Nobel Peace winner Tawakkol Karman commended ElBaradei’s decision via the social networking website Twitter.

“I call on ElBaradie to withdraw his support for the coup and demand the return to a democratic civilian life in Egypt,” Karman, who has described Mursi as the “Arab world’s Mandela,” wrote on Twitter.

Nader Bakkar, deputy head of the Salafist Party “Al-Nur,” said Elbaradie’s resignation is “a step on the right path,” adding that the country is in “desperate” need for national reconciliation.

Khaled al-Masry, the April 6 Youth Movement’s spokesperson, said the movement “completely understands” ElBaradei’s resignation decision.

ElBaradei has “humanitarian biases as well as biases for justice and freedom that contradict bloodshed, especially if it happens while he is in a public post,” Al-Masry told Al-Ahram news website.

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