Libya armed militias cause chaos to public security

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The lack of unified management of security forces in Libya has caused a chaos in Libya residents’ daily life.

After the war ended, armed militia organizations took control of the country rather than the regular troops. Many Libyans think the militia organization has created uncertainty in the local safety.

Nearly 70 percent of armed militias have been incorporated into the Libya national army after the war. A formal military and police system has been established only nominally.

However, a chaotic phenomenon has appeared in the region. The armed militia groups, who are nominally incorporated into the national army, are still having their own forces and command on their own.

Soldiers and patrols are wearing different uniforms on street, which confuses the local residents with the regular armies.

“We cannot tell the difference between legal and illegal check points, nor the army militia and the state law enforcement officials. Some inspectors do not wear police uniform. We hope the government could regulate the security officials as soon as possible,”said a local resident.

After the fall of the Muammar Qaddafi government, a few armed militia groups stayed in major cities like Tripoli and Benghazi to occupy the government departments or public facilities as strongholds in the name of maintaining law and order.

The government is in need to establish a unified national army and command system.

However, they do not want to conflict with the armed militias, which they still need to rely on for maintaining law and order in some special regions.

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