Syrians abroad head to refugee camps to offer their help

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Yaqdhan Al-Shishakli had two choices, either to watch the bloody Syrian conflict from his TV set back home in the United States or pack his belongings to offer his help at Attmeh refugee camp near the Turkish borders.

“With all due honesty, I found it is necessary for a person to come here and help,” Shishakli told Al Arabiya.

Many Syrians in the refugee camps say they “prefer” to die in their villages instead of living in refugee camps where water and food are becoming barely sufficient.

After bearing the cold and the snow, the refugees are dreading the summer season.

“Summer is coming. For most people summer is a happy season, but for us, we are afraid of all of the diseases this season may bring. We do not have vaccines especially for children...vaccines need funding from governments.”

This tent is meant to be a mosque, but it is no longer the case. It is now occupied by new refugees who are waiting for their new tents.

“One of our problems is that there is no official side to support the refugees. There are no country or an international prominent organization to help us....we do receive breakfast meals from the Turkish Red Crescent but not enough as the number of refugees is on the increase,” another volunteer said.

People are afraid that these temporary ‘homes’ may become permanent shelters for them.

“We are against the concept of refugee camps as Syrians. We are used to living in our homes, dignified. We will return,” Shishakli said.

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