Saudi youth crave a nest of their own

The youth in Saudi are facing problems due to the unavailability of housing and high rents

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Housing is a matter that is worrying and preoccupying the minds of at least 60 percent of the Saudi population.

It is also worrying many heads of families, who are spending large amounts on housing amid increasing rent prices for apartments and villas.


They look forward to owning an apartment or a house for their family and children.

This is a continuous hope that has not been achieved for many citizens, amidst the hike in prices of land plots, villas and apartments.

They also demand that the use of phrases like ‘housing for citizens with limited income’ be stopped.

They also called for avoiding the construction of small apartments because citizens are looking forward to owning big apartments that consist of six rooms to meet the needs of the entire family.

This should be according to the horizontal building system and not the vertical system, the way it was followed in the previous housing (Iskaan) projects, they said.

A number of Saudi nationals were interviewed by Okaz/Saudi Gazette to understand their suggestions and aspirations to achieve their wish in owning a house for their family before they die.

Saudi teacher Saleh Al-Kathiri said: ‘The state has done its part in supporting housing projects.

The ministry should prepare sites with all services. They should be complete so the resident does not feel that there is something missing.

The youth, especially, are facing problems due to the unavailability of housing and high rents. Many of them are not thinking of marriage as much as they think of finding a residence first.

‘The Ministry of Housing is still not that active.

This can be discerned from the statements of the officials in the ministry.

Every day, there is a new statement, especially after receiving land plots from municipalities.

We hope the promises are realized on the ground by providing housing to every needy citizen.

I have fears that the housing projects might be delayed for decades.’

Saudi national Abdulaziz Al-Harthi stated that housing projects must be named not be designated for people with limited income.

They can be named ‘housing projects’ because many families would not like to stay in houses that appear to be for low-income families.

Saudi student Abdulrahman Al-Harthi said: ‘Our great concern is to own a house and I wish they would speed up the issuance of a system for priority distribution amid the difficult circumstances for many youths and families.’

Hussein Al-Amoudi said, ‘In my opinion, they should keep away from the idea of focusing on small apartments.

They should build big apartments in future housing projects. They should have at least six rooms for each family.

‘In addition, they lacked means of safety. Each family should have a separate and independent housing unit so that they can enjoy some peace of mind.’

Maher Al-Harthi said: ‘The Ministry of Housing has a big responsibility to solve the problems that existed in previous projects.

The first is probably the approval of the real estate mortgage system, providing soft loans, taking into consideration people’s circumstances and job security, especially young men who are about to get married and heads of families with limited income.’

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