A look at recent assassinations in Lebanon

The murder of Mohammad Shattah was the latest of a series of targeted assassinations in Lebanon

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A car bomb on Friday killed a prominent pro-Western Lebanese politician, Mohammad Shattah, in a business district in central Beirut. At least five other people were killed in the blast. Here’s a look at other recent attacks in Lebanon, most of them against opponents of Syria:

-Oct. 1, 2004: Former Economy Minister Marwan Hamadeh survives a powerful Beirut car bombing, the first in a string of similar attacks targeting anti-Syrian politicians and journalists.

- Feb. 14, 2005: Former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri is assassinated in a massive bombing in Beirut. Bassel Fleihan, who served as economy minister in Hariri’s government, also died in the blast. Anti-Syrian groups, then in the opposition, blame the Syrian and Lebanese governments, charges both deny.

- June 2, 2005:
Anti-Syrian journalist and activist Samir Kassir is killed by a bomb placed under his car.

- June 21, 2005:
Anti-Syrian politician George Hawi, a former Communist Party leader, is killed by a bomb planted under his car.

- July 12, 2005:
Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Elias Murr survives a car bombing that targets his vehicle as he drives in north Beirut. Although pro-Syrian, Murr later says he was threatened by Syria’s intelligence chief in Lebanon.

- Sept. 25, 2005:
Prominent anchorwoman May Chidiac of the leading anti-Syrian TV station LBC loses an arm and a leg from a bomb placed under her car.

- Dec. 12, 2005: Gibran Tueni, a prominent anti-Syrian newspaper editor and lawmaker, is killed by a car bomb.

- Nov. 21, 2006:
Pierre Gemayel, the industry minister and a prominent Christian politician, is shot dead by gunmen in a Beirut suburb.

- June 13, 2007:
Walid Eido, an anti-Syrian member of parliament, is killed along with his son, two bodyguards and six others in an explosion in Beirut.

- Sept. 19, 2007:
Antoine Ghanem, a pro-government lawmaker from the right-wing Christian Phalange Party, is killed in a blast in the Christian suburb of Sin el-Fil, east of Beirut. Six others are also killed.

- Dec. 12, 2007:
Brig. Gen. Francois Hajj, the army’s head of operations, and his driver are killed in a car bombing in the Christian suburb of Baabda on the way to work.

- Jan. 25, 2008: Car bomb kills senior police intelligence officer, Capt. Wissam Eid, a bodyguard and at least four others in Hazmieh, a Christian neighborhood on the edge of the Lebanese capital.

- Oct. 19, 2012: A car bomb kills the chief of Lebanon’s police intelligence department, Brig. Gen. Wissam al-Hassan, in a Christian neighborhood in east Beirut. At least seven others were also killed.

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