Video: Orphanage in Makkah helps find foster mothers

The orphanage urges foster mothers to breastfeed children to create a family bond

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An orphanage in the Islamic holy city of Makkah attempts to give children from unknown parents care, including finding foster mothers who can breastfeed toddlers.

The orphanage, supervised by al-Wedad Charitable Association, urges Saudis to volunteer as foster families to the children.

Hussein Bahri, the head of the association, described how the orphanage operates.

“The orphanage cares mostly to shelter the children in residential units, and in each unit there are two women who work as a mother and an auntie. They are responsible to take care of two children,” he said.

The association also encourages fostering children and urges the foster mother to breastfeed the newly adoptive baby to create more of a natural bond between them.

Kamela al-Mouled became a foster mother after visiting the association five years ago.

“I was blessed to take a baby girl. I came to the association, and I signed the papers quickly. When the papers were approved, they requested me to breastfeed the child to be officially part of the family,” she said.

Breastfeeding an adoptive baby before the age of two is encouraged because it will make the child a full part of the family, according to Islam.

According to regulations, families in the kingdom wishing to foster a child need to be full Saudi nationals, free of contagious diseases, and the adoptive mother should not be more than 50 in age.

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