Syrian opposition fighters pay farewell to ‘revolutionary hero’

Ibrahim al-Nader, a figure deemed a hero by supporters of the Syrian uprising, died in Turkey after the steady deterioration of his health

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Ibrahim al-Nader, a figure deemed a hero by supporters of the Syrian uprising, died in Turkey on Wednesday after the steady deterioration of his health.

Al-Nader, known as Abu Hana, originally comes from Hama, in Syria. He was involved in the initial stages of the Syrian rebellion against President Bashar al-Assad and was known for his fierce opposition to the regime.


He fought along opposition fighters in the provinces of Hama and Idlib but due to pressure from Syrian security forces, al-Nader moved to the n Kfarmus village in Jabal al-Zawiyat, continuing his political activities from there by coordinating the opposition Free Syrian Army (FSA).

He was later kidnapped by militants’ belonging to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), but was freed by the FSA.

Due to the deterioration of his health, al-Nader was taken to Turkey six months ago.

The Facebook page of the Christian Network of Syria, which is pro-Syrian uprising, called Abu Hana the “leader and father of the revolution.”

The group also wrote a letter of condolence dedicated to al-Nader, adding that “Abu Hana has a great history of resistance against al-Assad’s regime. He participated in the peaceful movement at the beginning of the revolution, and offered all kinds of help to Homs and Hama when the military movement began.”

The Revolutionary Military Council in Hama, another opposition group, announced al-Nader’s death with the following statement: “The Revolutionary Military Council in the province of Hama, represented by the leader of the Council, Colonel Abd Al-Rizk Frayji and members of the Shura Council, presents their sincerest condolences and expressions of sympathy to the soul of the deceased hero and his esteemed family, asking the Almighty to have mercy upon the dear deceased and inspire his family with patience and solace.”

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