Palestinian girl tweets about her trauma under Israeli shelling

Living with her six-year-old sister opposite Gaza Al-Shifa Hospital where most of the trauma occurs, Farah Baker says fears death every day

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“This is in my area. I can’t stop crying. I might die tonight” said Farah Baker, a 16-year-old Gazan, via her Twitter account, portraying the grim situation many in the Gaza Strip as a result of Israel’s latest offensive against the enclave.

Living with her 6-year-old sister opposite Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital where most of the trauma occurs, Farah says she fears for her life daily and that she might become a “martyr at any moment” because of all the bombing.

A rocket blasted next to the hospital on Monday, killing 10 Palestinians, nine of whom were children.

Baker says she has been trapped inside her home for more than three weeks with no electricity.

“We are sitting in darkness bc th power is off, flares r lightening up th area just like it's midday,we're just hearin bombs,drones,f16s#Gaza,” she wrote on Monday.

Israeli launched “Operation Protective Edge” against the Gaza Strip on July 8, claiming it aimed to destroy tunnels there used by militant group Hamas. Almost 1,300 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have been killed so far in the Israeli offensive.

Israel has lost 53 soldiers and three civilians.Baker has survived three wars in Gaza and chose Twitter as a medium to express her agony.

“They are bombing heavily in my area. This is the worst night in this war. I just want you to know that I might martyr at any moment #Gaza,” she said in one Twitter post.

A picture of shrapnel remains extracted from the brain of a 9-year-old child by her neurosurgeon father is shared on Twitter.

“Not only my area is suffering of this night, all parts of #Gaza strip are hearing bombs and seeing flares, this is y we've no shelters,” she added.

Despite her heartbreaking situation, her continuous tweets and video feed, Farah has rallied support from different corners and is urging the world to witness the brutality of the ongoing war.

One of her videos is captioned: 'Okay. The 8163662 bomb I could hear today! This is UNBELIEVABLE!! #Gaza 2:13am'

Her six-year-old sister had a window fall on her as a result of one shelling incident.

“The window fell over my 6yrs old sis and she got injured slightly but she's shaking and unable to breathe #Gaza,” Farah tweets.

"Whenever my 6 yrs old sis hear the rocket falling she covers her ears and shout while crying in order not to hear the bomb #Gaza #AJAGAZA," she continued.

“When u need 2 have hundreds of protests just 2 tell th world that BOMBING CHILDREN IS NOT OKAY. That's when u know that HUMANITY DIED#Gaza,” she said.

During a brief lull in the fighting on 25 July, Farah was eager to walk through the streets of Gaza to meet her best friend.

“I AM GOING TO HANG OUTTTT! I can't believe this!!!!!!! I'm going to meet my best friend #Gaza,” she said.

“There's a ceasefire today for 12hrs. I'll get 2 th street and keep walking walking walking till I get exhausted & miss home #Gaza #AJAGAZA,” she said in one post.

In one tweet in which she addressed her supporters, Farah wrote: “Again. Thank you all for supporting me, I wish I could make sth for you :/ thank you.”It was the last post before her Internet access failed.

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