Masked child ‘re-enacts’ Foley killing on Twitter

The photo came with a message: 'Teach your children to cut necks, tomorrow there will be a lot of rotten heads'

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A masked child has apparently “re-enacted” the murder of U.S. journalist James Foley in images which show the youngster about to behead a doll in front of the black flag of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Posted on the “Time for the Caliphate” Twitter account, the photo came with a message: “‘Teach your children to cut necks, tomorrow there will be a lot of rotten heads.”


The account has also circulated graphic images of the U.S. journalist’s murder to its 3,500 followers.

James Foley (File photo: Reuters)
James Foley (File photo: Reuters)

In one of the images, the child holds the blond doll by its hair while standing in front of the black flag. In the second image, the doll’s decapitated head is placed on top of its body on the floor.

The radicalization of children has been spotlighted in recent weeks after Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott condemned circulating images of a young boy - allegedly the son of an Australian ex-terror convict – apparently holding a severed head of a man in Syria.

The photographs of the doll’s beheading were posted on Friday, after Twitter and Youtube vowed to launch a crackdown on accounts linked to extremists.

Twitter chief executive Dick Costolo wrote on Wednesday: “We have been and are actively suspending accounts as we discover them related to this graphic imagery. Thank you.”

Foley was executed last week, with reports circulating that the executioner is from Britain owing to his accent.

The masked man then addresses the camera saying, “this is James Wright Foley, an American citizen of your country. As a government you have been at the forefront of the aggression toward the Islamic State [ISIS]. You have plotted against us and gone far out of your way to find reasons to interfere in our affairs.”

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