How an ‘ISIS fighter’ taunted Belgian police

Abu Mariya Belgiki boasts passing through Belgium airport ‘like a knife cutting through soft butter’

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A man proclaiming to be a fighter for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militant group has mocked Belgian police for letting him pass through the airport in Brussels “like a knife cutting through soft butter.”

The teenager, who goes by the nom de guerre Abu Mariya Belgiki, bragged on Twitter about his trip, UK's The Independent reported.

However, it is not clear whether the man was referring to an exit or a return to Belgium.

“Don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but Belgian intelligence agency is the laziest and the dumbest in the world probably,” the teenager said in one tweet dated Jan. 9, according to the Daily Mail.

“They kept me under surveillance since I was 14. And I passed through Brussels airport like a knife cutting through soft butter…,” he said in another tweet on the same day.

Also on Jan. 9, he tweeted about the moment he learned of the deadly Paris attacks.

He wrote: “Was going to bed yesterday, my ameer [leader] yells and says, "France, France, you know France?" I said yes its south of Belgium. He said "Yes I know."

“He said 'Ikhwa [brothers] did operation there and killed 12.”

One of his posts from Syria included an image of himself with an AK-47 rifle resting on his lap. A caption under the image reportedly read, “From a life under oppression to hayat [life] under the raya [flag] of tawheed [oneness, referring to the black and white ISIS flag].”

Some of the teenager’s posts exposed life under ISIS, including the hierarchy among fighters. He claimed that those from the Arabian Peninsula and Jordan were given the most rights.

On another occasion, the teenager reportedly recounted the time he met a 16-year-old Dutch boy in the street, saying English was a commonly used language among ISIS fighters.

Earlier on Friday, Belgian police detained 13 people during a dozen anti-terror raids against a militant group across the country and seized guns, explosives and police uniforms.

The anti-terror operation came a day after two were militant suspects were killed during a clash with police in the eastern city of Verviers. The suspects have reportedly returned from Syria to carry imminent attacks on Belgian police stations, according to officials.

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