Street vendors in Saudi Arabia make a selling out of used clothes

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Street sellers in Saudi Arabia have found selling used clothes to be a lucrative market, Al-Bilad reported.

Shafiq, a street seller, said he makes a substantial profit from selling used clothes.

He said: “I buy my items at a very cheap price from women in the African community.

“The price of a piece of clothing would not exceed SR4.

“My earnings in a day are always above SR50.

“Most people are now buying winter clothes because of the recent cold wave.”

Nour, another used clothes street seller, said most of their buyers are foreigners who are willing to buy their goods for any price.

He said: “No one can tell that the clothes are used.

“We clean them in a very special way so that they seem brand new.
“Most of my customers are foreigners who just want something cheap and temporary from the culture they are visiting and that is why they come to us.”

Ali Al-Saggaf, store owner, said despite the municipality’s inspection campaigns, street vendors are still practicing their trade.

He said: “They just take their commodities and hide whenever they see an officer or municipality worker approaching, then they come out again once they are gone.

“Sometimes they set their items in front of our stores and stop our customers from entering our stores.”

He added that they also obstruct cars on the streets as they lay down their items across the pavements and into the streets as well.

Citizen Ahmad Al-Zubaidi said street sellers are a new trend in Saudi society.

“We usually buy new clothes from the stores for ourselves and our kids.

“I cannot imagine how people would agree to buying used clothes.

“They could have belonged to someone who died in them or had an infectious disease that cannot be cleaned under any water temperature.”

He added that the used clothes do not look clean or new.

“Used clothes do not help foreigners at all.

“On the contrary, they could be dangerous and infectious.

“This is a seriously dangerous matter and I request all concerned authorities to intervene and stop all street sellers.”

Dr. Ahmad Ibrahim, a skin specialist, said used clothes can cause skin allergies, red spots on shoulders and thighs and itching.

He said: “I advise people not to buy used clothes as the fabric can have parasites, bacteria and viruses that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

“Customers should never buy used underwear as viruses can easily enter the body through private parts.”