‘I won’t forget Europe, America did nothing,’ says enraged Syrian refugee

Syrian refugees resent the West for a lack of action against Assad, and see no difference between the regime’s brutalities and those of ISIS

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“I want to see the whole world take action in the conflict in Syria. All of the world: Europe, Africa and the U.S. against Bashar Assad,” said Ahdorf, a Syrian refugee and restaurant owner in the Zaatari refugee camp in the Jordanian desert.

The 39-year-old refugee expressed that he can make no distinction between the bombings of Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria and the actions of extremist terrorist organization, ISIS.

“They are the same thing. They both kill and do the same things. There is no difference between them. I won’t forget that Europe and America did nothing. During the revolution in Libya, Europe and America got involved and even in Egypt – but in Syria, nothing like that. When ISIS was created Europe and America directly got together with NATO and entered into Syria. But for three years Assad massacred his people. And no one moved. Why?” Ahdorf told the UK’s The Independent.

“No one in Syria will forget this fact, because no one helped the Syrians, they’ve only helped Assad,” Ahdorf said.

Syria has been in crisis for over four years forcing 3.8 million people to flee the country, and leaving over 220,000 dead. This week the United Nations is meeting to further discuss international efforts and hopefully find a diplomatic solution to the Syrian conflict.

Refugees in the Zaatari camp told The Independent that they want their message to reach the international community, and that they are in desperate need of aid against Assad so that they can return to their home country.

“Please finish the war in Syria and please finish Assad. He is the reason for everything that has gone wrong in this part of the world. If this man is finished, everything will be better,” Amar Zwedani, a 30-year-old refugee said.

Saudi Arabia and Turkey seem to agree with the refugees, after reportedly joining forces this week in the fight against Assad. They have allegedly vowed to aid Syrian rebels, such as the al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra, in their attempts to overthrow the president.

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