Inside Iran: Crippling unemployment is most pressing issue

The eighth report of a new series by Al Arabiya News Channel takes a look at Iran’s unemployment

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As the Islamic Republic of Iran nears a nuclear agreement, domestic problems, most notably unemployment, cripple the country.

The eighth report of a new series by Al Arabiya News Channel takes a look at Iran’s unemployment, as part of a special series tackling political, social and economic issues in the country.

A recent World Bank report estimates that unemployment in the Islamic Republic exceeded 20 percent.

Nearly 24 percent of those unemployed are young people, with nearly two million of them being university graduates.

Nearly 20 percent of Iranian women are out of work, representing the biggest proportion of those unemployed.

The Iranian government claims that unemployment was at 10 percent in 2013.

Supporters of Tehran’s government claim economic sanctions imposed on the country due to its controversial nuclear program are the cause of high unemployment.

Most experts say the effects of sanctions are an excuse to hide President Hassan Rowhani’s government’s deteriorating performance.

Widespread corruption, state monopolies and mismanagement leading to a reduced number of available jobs in the country.

The country’s high unemployment has had an adverse effect on safety from crime, with Iran ranking 33 in terms of percentage of crimes in a worldwide survey.

Iran’s most pressing issue is tackling its unemployment which has been a hallmark challenge for most Iranian presidents.

President Rowhani faces an uphill battle in curbing the nation’s rampant unemployment.