Tunisian builder hailed a hero for hurling bricks at ISIS gunman

‘All I did was my duty. The duty of any Tunisian and any Muslim,’ Munsaf Mayyel told the UK’s Channel 4 News

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A Tunisian man is being hailed a hero after he hurled bricks at the gunman who went on a shooting rampage in the Tunisian coastal city of Sousse killing 38 people earlier this week.

After killing scores of tourists in the beach side town the shooter tried to escape through an alley where Munsaf Mayyel saw him from the rooftop of one of the buildings he was working on, according to Channel 4 News.

The builder then grabbed ceramic tiles and threw them at the gunman, hurting the assailant.

“All I did was my duty. The duty of any Tunisian and any Muslim,” Mayyel told the British news channel.

The attacker, who was killed by security forces, was identified as Seifeddine Rezgui, a young student at Kairouan University.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militant group claimed responsibility for the attack, carried by the 23-year-old.

Tunisia's prime minister announced on Saturday a string of new security measures including closing renegade mosques and calling up army reservists as thousands of tourists fled the North African country in wake of its worst terrorist attack ever, the Associated Press reported.

“The fight against terrorism is a national responsibility,” Prime Minister Habib Essid said.

“We are at war against terrorism which represents a serious danger to national unity during this delicate period that the nation is going through.”