Gaza doctor creates affordable 30 cents stethoscope

Health facilities in Gaza usually face shortages of medical supplies, the result of the ongoing Israeli embargo of Gaza

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One of Gaza’s doctors has managed to develop a stethoscope that costs just 30 cents to make, according to UK daily The Independent.

Tarek Loubani, who works at Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital and is a Canadian of Palestinian descent, developed the stethoscope that could be reproduced and printed using 3D technology.

It is Loubani’s hope that the affordable medical equipment will help give hospitals across the Gaza Strip the ability to lower their costs instead of relying on industry-standard expensive equipment.

His latest invention is reportedly free of charge from his ‘Glia project.’ Glia is “a project with the goal of releasing high quality free/open medical hardware to increase availability to those who need it,” the website stated.

The Palestinian doctor has provided the funding for the stethoscope's development himself, and he said it has cost nearly $11,000 so far. He said the device has been used locally over the last six months and has been a success.

He added that he was confident it would be approved for medical use in the near future.

Shifa hospital is the main referral center for medical assistance in the entire Gaza Strip, according to Doctors Without Borders.

In 2014, it reached full capacity during the devastating war.

According to Doctors Without Borders, health facilities in Gaza usually face a serious shortage of drugs and medical supplies, the result of the ongoing Israeli embargo of Gaza.