Parents of slain Palestinian teen want homes of son’s killers demolished

The Israeli Ministry of Public Security dismissed their petition, saying there is no Jewish terrorism

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A higher court in Jerusalem on Thursday has postponed its hearing into a petition filed by a Palestinian family, who lost their teenage son in a revenge attack by Israelis two years ago, Al Arabiya News Channel’s correspondent reported.

The 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir was kidnapped on July 2, 2014, a day after the burial of three Israeli teens who were murdered by Palestinians. The two Palestinians had their homes demolished in August 2014.

On the same day of his kidnapping, Abu Khdeir’s charred body was found, with the autopsy later confirming that he was burned alive.

There were three minor suspects linked to Khdeir’s killing. Later, two were sentenced with one was given life imprisonment, while the other received a 21-year jail term.

At the time, Abu Khdeir’s father expressed disappointment that they escaped a life sentence and demanded their homes be demolished and Israeli citizenship revoked in a tit-for-tat step.

In reaction to the new request, the Israeli Ministry of Public Security dismissed their petition, saying there is no Jewish terrorism and there is no need for such rhetoric.

The family’s lawyer, Mohanned Jabbara, said “our goal from this petition is to expose the Israeli policy in destroying Palestinian homes only.”

Ahmed Taibi, an Arab member of the Knesset, said “if Palestinians built home without lisence, their homes will be demolished but if an Israeli burned home of a Palestinian child, his home is security.”

Taibi said in reference to the 18-month Palestinian baby Ali Saad Dawabsheh who was burned to death and three of his family members were seriously wounded after their house was set on fire in the West Bank village of Douma, near Nablus by Jewish extremists in July 2015.

Hussain Abu Khdeir, the murdered teen’s father, said “we are surprised by the Public Security Ministry’s answer, that it is not possible to destroy homes, because it is a unilateral action [by some Israelis].”

Meanwhile, his mother, Suha Abu Khdeir said “a Palestinian has his home demolished without any questions being asked.”

Demolishing of Palestinian homes has long been a method used by Israel. The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions said since the occupation of the Palestinian territories following the Six Day War in 1967 till 2015, it has been estimated that Israel has razed 48,488 Palestinian structures.