How Saudi will link Holy Sites to the Grand Mosque

Saudi plans several infrastructure projects to ease traffic for pilgrims

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The Makkah Region Development Authority has approved plans to build service tunnels linking Arafat and Jamarat in Mina via Muzdalifah, and another one linking Jamarat with the courtyards of the Grand Mosque in Makkah.

The plan also includes construction of residential towers on the mountain slope of Mina in a way not violating the sanctity of the Holy Site. A total of six towers have already been constructed in Mina and these have the capacity to accommodate around 12,000 pilgrims.

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Studies linked to the plan also recommended setting up tents in Arafat and providing more facilities for the stay of pilgrims in Muzdalifah. There are also plans to boost means of transportation in between Holy Sites and linking them to the Grand Mosque.

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The meeting endorsed use of innovative methods to develop unplanned districts in Makkah region through citizen participation. According to the plan, citizens will be allowed to develop their properties within these districts in cooperation with the government agencies.

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