Nine facts that suggest Afghanistan has a prosperous future

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Afghanistan may have become synonymous with war and terrorism but there are reasons to believe that it continues to be a much-loved country with several unique features. Following are the reasons why Afghanistan is also a country to watch out for in the future.

1. Young population

Afghanistan has the fifth youngest population in the world as 68 percent of Afghanis are under the age of 25

2. Economic and cultural diversity

The country has enormous cultural and economic diversity. It has several languages, people belonging to different races, food, music, clothes and natural landscapes.

3. Hospitality

Afghans are considered to be among the most welcoming people and they serve their guests with the most delicious local food.

4. Patriotism

Afghanistan war has been the longest in Asian history but people here are patriots and continue to defend and love their country.

5. Women in society

After the defeat of the Taliban regime, role of women in society has increased consistently. They can now study, work and have more rights. Almost every government and non-government offices are registering greater presence of women.

6. Simple life

Afghanis believe in spending their lives in its simplest form.

7. Afghan bread

Afghans are addicted to their own version of bread, which is regarded one of the best gourmet breads in the world.

8. Agriculture

More than 80 percent of the Afghan population’s subsistence is through agriculture. Provinces such as Qandahar has the world’s best pomegranates.

9. Natural resources

Afghanistan is also rich in mineral resources including gold, copper and emerald. According to a study, the value of mineral resources in Afghanistan is estimated to be $3 trillion.

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