EXCLUSIVE: Without technology humans would last just six months, Kevin Kelly

Ehtesham Shahid

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Artificial intelligence is going to become a commodity available to anybody, said Kevin Kelly, the founding executive editor of Wired magazine, which marks its 25th year of publication this year.

Speaking to Al Arabiya English on the sidelines of the World Government Summit, Kelly said that when Wired was first launched, people who were in the technology, were called nerds “and that was a sign of disrespect”.

However, the world has obviously changed since then and, according to him, “one of the things that Wired achieved was to make nerds cool”. He chooses to focus on the “message of optimism” that was a large part of what they tried to say in the magazine.

Human being and technology

Kelly dismisses the notion that there is a little bit of tension between technology and human beings. “I don’t believe that. I think that we ourselves are technology. We have invented ourselves. We have invented our humanity,” said Kelly in a persuasive yet emphatic manner.

Interestingly, he also said that if we take all technology from our lives away … humans would only last six months. “We will be eaten by animals. We only can defend ourselves because of technology,” he said.

Going forward, Kelly emphasized, that technology is making us have the opportunity to define what humans are for. “We are still in the process of making ourselves more human,” he said. Kelly may not be editing the Wired magazine any more, but he apears very clear on where technology is taking human beings.

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