British author Horowitz: Trump, Brexit reflect lack of faith in political system

Ehtesham Shahid
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James Bond prequel may have taken British author Anthony Horowitz’s writing career to another level but, true to the Bond tradition, he is unwilling to share any more details.

All he conceded – when I sat down with him at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature – is the following: “It comes out in a couple of months’ time from now and I wish I could talk about it but until today I am not even allowed to talk about the title”.

There is no denying that he has been a great admirer of Ian Fleming and James Bond. His own books The Alex Rider series were largely inspired by his work.

“When they invited me to write Trigger Mortis I was absolutely thrilled … and I was very surprised when they asked me to do a second one,” he said.

Brexit and Britain

According to Horowitz at one level, not much has changed in Britain since he turned author.

“I have been writing for 30 years and if you look at the Britain of my books then and now, it is pretty much the same”, he said adding that he tries to paint an optimistic, glowing picture of both his country and of the world.

However, he also expressed concern as it seems that we have moved into a time of great difficulty and unhappiness and uncertainty.

“Certainly Britain at the moment, as it continues to debate Brexit, is a very divided country and there does seem to be a great deal of animosity that I hadn’t noticed 10 years ago,” he said. He also said that Trump and Brexit have the same origins, which is a lack of faith in the political system.