6 top tips for a safer Hajj

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With the Hajj being one of most populated events in the world, anyone taking part in it has to take some precautions with regards to his health safety.

Nader Sabry, the founder of Time5, which according to its website “the world’s first health & wellness company addressing Muslim lifestyle needs through innovation” usually takes the Hajj season to publish his advice:

1. Keeping hydrated: drinking plenty of water hydrates and allows the system to repair itself.

2. Personal mats: using a personal prayer mat prevents the spread of germs from person to person.

3. Antibacterial wipes: As Hajj consists of several stages and constant movement from place to place among millions of people, keeping your hands clean is vital.

4. Mask: airborne microbes can easily spread. Wearing a mask that covers the nose and mouth lowers the risk of direct infection.

5. Eating Honey: Natural honey is filled with nutrients to keep you energized and also works as a natural antimicrobial.

6. Oregano oil: daily dosage of 2-3 drops of Oregano oil will disinfect and protect against microbes that enter directly into the respiratory system.

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