Do not politicize Hajj, scholars tell pilgrims

Politicizing the pilgrimage is against Shariah, the grand mufti said

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Grand Mufti, Sheikh Abdulaziz Al-Asheikh, who is head of the Senior Scholars Commission and the Ifta Council and several other council members have strongly warned against politicizing the pilgrimage and said this is totally against Islam.

They were unanimous that this sacred Islamic duty should not be turned into a political forum or use for other worldly purposes that may nullify the noble Islamic meanings of the pilgrimage.

"Politicizing the pilgrimage is against Shariah. It also represents a gross violation of the Kingdom's rules and regulations," the grand mufti said.

The scholars warned that such actions would create sedition among Muslims and they are a type of corruption which is totally against the Islamic teachings.

Al-Asheikh asked the guests of God to be responsible, dedicate their time to worship and contribute as much as possible to the stability and serenity of the occasion.

He asked the scholars to make strenuous efforts to identify the pilgrims with political agenda who are in the Kingdom not to perform Haj but to seed dissension among Muslims.

Sheikh Muhammad Bin Hassan Al-Asheikh, a council member, said the Haj should be freed from any worldly matters or sensualities that may empty it from its sacred purposes.

"Pilgrims come here seeking God's forgiveness. They should, therefore, stay away from sins, foul discussions, conflicts, differences and political agendas," he said.

Sheikh Yacoub Al-Bahussain, another council member, warned against indulging on politics during the Haj lest it might damage the whole purpose of the fifth pillar of Islam.

"The Haj should not be exploited for political purposes. The pilgrims should dedicate their time to worship and strengthening bonds with each other," he said.

Sheikh Qais Al-Asheikh Mubarak said Haj is a journey for which Muslims leave their homes for the holy land seeking God's forgiveness therefore they should not commit any act that may damage this sacred ritual.

He asked the pilgrims to be good mannered in their behaviors and polite in their talk.