Saudi Crown Prince hails king’s ‘achievements’ after one year on throne

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Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef on Wednesday hailed King Salman’s “achievements” after completing one year on the throne, the state-owned Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

“The Kingdom and its people celebrate the first anniversary of pledging allegiance to King Salman, which was a year full of achievements exceeding all expectations,” said the crown prince, who is also the minister of interior.

Applauding King Salman’s “farsighted vision” and “wise policy,” the crown prince said Saudi Arabia has turned “into a global destination for leaders, presidents of the world, decision-makers and businessmen from different countries.”

He said these high-level figures have “confidence” in King Salman’s “wisdom and vision” as “a skillful and experienced leader.”

“[They are] looking forward to an important role for a country occupying the most important strategic location on the world map,” he added.

The crown prince also said King Salman has asserted a “proactive and effective confrontation” against terrorism, and “its perpetrators and supporters,” whose doings are “contrary to the teachings of our Islamic religion and genuine values.”

These values “necessitate that we all stand firmly against the extremist ideology, blatant intervention in the affairs of our countries and infringement on the stability, security and development of our people,” he concluded.

King Salman led the establishment of an Arab coalition that has bombed Iranian-backed Houthi militias and forces allied to deposed leader Ali Abdullah Saleh, in a bid to put the government of internationally recognized President Abdrabbu Mansour Hadi back in power.