Kuwaiti papers print early for Ramadan, but too fast for some

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Several Kuwaiti newspapers have begun printing early during Ramadan – but some critics say the evening editions are missing some of the big news of the day.

Five publications including the al-Anbaa daily have begun issuing their publications right after Iftar, when Muslims traditionally break their fast.

They are racing to compete for readers by changing the timings of their print runs to reflect the different pace of life during the holy month.

“The change of the citizens' and residents’ lives in Kuwait during Ramadan is what led Kuwaiti newspapers to take this decision and implement it,” said Mohamed al-Husseini, Al-Anbaa's managing editor

According to some experts, the move has led to a failure in reporting some important news.

Al-Husseini said however that it was not a problem that the daily papers are being issued at night.

“People read a newspaper to check out what's new and not to check the usual news [available] in the rest of media outlets,” he added.

He noted all that all dailies have websites that update every hour, along with video services and social networking accounts.

The As-Seyassah daily, however, did not follow in the other dailies' footsteps and continued to issue its publication in the morning.

“Global markets do not finish [their work] before 8pm or 9pm and international statements are not made [before this time] as well. Therefore, he who reads As-Seyassah's morning publication will find different news than in those published at night,” said Mohamed al-Jarallah, As-Seyassah's managing editor.