Cole tells Al Arabiya that he will bring Chelsea the Premier League trophy

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Chelsea’s recent signing of Oscar Hazard had a positive impact on the whole team, England and Chelsea left-back Ashley Cole said in an exclusive interview with Al Arabiya.

“Oscar has contributed a lot to the team the team so far and hopefully it can keep going and help us win the title,” Cole said.

Chelsea beat Tottenham Hotspur 4-2 on Saturday night.

“It was nice to win the game to stay on top of the league and make fans happy,” he said, adding that Chelsea now tops the English Premier League.

Cole said that in order win “you have to beat the big teams” like Man United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tatum. “You have to beat these kind of teams if you gonna win.”

“Last year we didn’t beat these teams and I think that cost us a league,” he said.

Cole said he believes he is the fittest in the team and tries not to listen to critics’ comments and focus on doing his job.

“As long as my fans are happy, the manager is happy. I don’t really mind what anyone else says.”

31-year-old Cole added that his age doesn’t mean he can’t play as he feels fit.

Cole said that he is focused on playing for Chelsea and hopes they will eventually win the Premier League title.

“I just want to concentrate on Chelsea, playing for Chelsea, doing as well as I can, and try helping Chelsea win a trophy.”

Ivory Coast international striker Didier Drogba’s move has been felt by the team after eight years at Chelsea, according to Cole.

“I think when you lose a big player like Drogba, it’s going to affect every team. We kind of miss him not just the way he plays but his character and his personality around the club.”

Cole said he is happy of being part of Chelsea; however, he is open to travel depending on where his football career would take him.

When asked about the possibility of moving to play in a soccer team in the Arab world, Cole said: “I think a lot of players would like to go and play there [UAE], it’s a lovely country. I’ve been to Dubai but never been to Abu Dhabi, but I’ve heard it’s amazing place. I said you never know you could see yourself there in a few years.”

Cole is known to be a fan of other players.

“I’d probably say Roberto Carlos. He was my [favorite] obviously... I followed him a lot in his career and learned a lot from just watching him. I would say Roberto Carlos.”