Russian racer ready for Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Formula One’s Vitaly Petrov is ready to pound the pavement as the Grand Prix comes to Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island circuit this weekend.

On the sidelines of the race, the Russian driver told Al Arabiya that Abu Dhabi’s track is not an easy one to take on.

“It’s quite a lot of high-breaking pressure and you need to have a right stability upon breaking,” he explained. “So this is why it’s important to make the set up work well because you can either win or lose the time depending on how you feel with the car.”

He hoped the track wouldn’t pose problems as he experienced it over the past two years, and added that the track revolution should be improving with every session.

Petrov previously drove with Renault and made his debut in 2010 at the Bahrain International Circuit. He said professional race car driving is not easy, requiring extensive preparation, but he has garnered a lot of support and became an inspiration to young enthusiasts.

“When I came to Formula One, I received a lot of emails, text and Facebook messages saying "thank you" and "we want to be a racing driver", so definitely it’s a step forward,” he said.

When he’s not behind the wheel, Petrov enjoys playing football. He emphasized that recovery is just as important as preparation.

“That’s why with each race, you have a few days off afterwards without any media stuff, so you just do what you feel, what your body wants,” he said.
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