Dubai’s Red Bull motocross champ says ‘winning not easy’

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Winner of Dubai’s Red Bull X-Fighters motocross tour, Dany Torres, told a local newspaper that there is more to be done after winning the champion.

“It is getting more and more difficult out there as all riders are at a similar level and the score can be so close,” Dany Torres told Gulf News.

The 26-year-old Spanish rider, who made his second win on Friday, insisted that ranking the top positions is a sign of hard work despite how easy it looks like from the outside.

“Riders make the jumps look easy…I am simply happy to be where I am with two wins in Dubai,” said Torres.

With an audience of nearly 18,000, Torres competed in the finals against New Zealand's Levi Sherwood and France's Thomas Pages.

“Nothing was clear till the very end. I kept on thinking that he [Sherwood] was the better one. But it feels great to be winning here the second time.”

The UAE hosted the Red Bull X-Fighters on April 12 at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai.

Created back in 2001, Red Bull X-fighters competition is considered one of the international motocross tours featuring riders across the globe.