Iraqi develops website to discover, promote athletic talent

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A young Iraqi has developed a website to discover and promote athletic talent.

Users can upload videos and photos on the website "Sport Player Finder," after which Omar Imadeddine al-Rawi will market them to sports clubs.

He studied the idea for six months before implementing it, he told Al Arabiya, adding that he developed it out of YouTube.

"When you see someone displaying his skills via YouTube, it's difficult to reach" and find that person, Rawi said, adding that it is different when there is a website in charge of connecting such people with clubs.

Talented athletes across the Arab world have not had the chance or encouragement to present their skills, he said.

"These talents must be discovered, and we must help improve them," Rawi said, adding that the website will be launched in early December.

The idea has garnered support from sports clubs in Iraq and the United Arab Emirates, including the American University in Dubai, he said, adding that he will also market the website in Europe and North America.

He said his priority will be football players, and marketing will be carried out according to the fame of each sport in each country.