Man. United defender Chris Smalling ‘sorry’ for suicide bomber costume

The defender said he had not intended to cause any offence with his 'insensitive decision'

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English football player Chris Smalling has ‘apologized’ for ‘insensitive’ decision to wear a suicide bomber costume at a fancy dress party, The Guardian reported on Thusday.

Smalling, who was photographed wearing an army-style vest with a mock circuit board and cables attached, was the host of the costume party, his management said.

The Premier League player was also wearing an Arab scarf, commonly known as keffiyeh, and had bottles of Jagermeister and cans of Red Bull around his body.

Smalling wanted to make a "comedy play" on the popular ‘Jagerbomb’ drink by strapping bottles of Jagermeister and Red Bull to his body, his management group said.

"He dressed in a costume consisting of empty bottles of Jagermesiter and cans of Red Bull strapped to his chest in an attempted comedy play on the popular 'Jagerbomb drink',” Wasserman Media Group said in a statement.

"Although he fully accepts in hindsight it was an ill-thought out … decision, absolutely no harm was intended whatsoever and he apologizes for any offence caused," the Group added.

The English team refused to comment on the incident.