Dubai Cycle Tour forces closure of major roads

The roads will be temporary closed for the four-stage, 416.9 km course

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Several major roads around Dubai will be closed for up to four hours a day during the Dubai Tour, a race that began on Wednesday featuring some of the world's top cyclists.

The roads will be temporary closed for the four-stage, 416.9 km course.

Starting on Wednesday afternoon, the race took the 160 participating cyclists from the Ibis Hotel at the Dubai World Trade Centre and following a 9.9km course around Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Boulevard and back.

While Maj Gen Mohammad Al Zafeen, head of the Dubai Police traffic department, said he expects traffic congestion around the city due to security measures, he noted the importance of the race “because it is the first time such an event will take place on the streets of Dubai," the National reported.

Al-Zafeen reassured residents that "the roads will gradually reopen one by one as soon as all the cyclists pass."

The Dubai police traffic department head also warned residents that “Jumeirah will be blocked from 11.30 a.m. until 3.30 p.m.,” and that those living in the area "should leave with their cars before the race starts if they have appointments scheduled.”

Al-Zafeen hinted at some potential problems as the race will go through the popular neighborhood of Jumeirah over the weekend, when most people are off from work.

“There are inner roads in Jumeirah that are close to Al-Wasl. Residents should try to park their cars there in case they need to use their vehicles," he said.

More than 85 officers and 70 patrols are anticipated to be along the city's streets and intersections to accompany the cyclists along the tour.

“Hopefully we will not encounter any problems,” said Gen Al Zafeen.

The Dubai Tour, broken down into four stages, will challenge cyclists to ride 9.9, 122, 162 and 123 kilometers respectively over four days.