American football makes inroads in Saudi Arabia

Some members of the newly created team have already practiced American football in the United States

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A group of young Saudis has created the first ever American football team in Saudi Arabia, marking the debut of the sport in the country, Al Arabiya’s Mohammad Dumaj reported Monday.

The newly created team gathered all the necessary equipment to practice the sport including the helmets, gloves and the chest protectors.

Some of the team members had already practiced American football in the United States. However, most of them only watched it on TV.

Speaking about the sport, one team member told Al Arabiya News channel: “American football is the only sport that welcomes all types of bodies – thick, thin, tall or fast because you have more than a mission to accomplish, unlike soccer which only requires a specific shape.”

Another player said: “It [American football] is all about strategy,” one player said, “if you have the right strategy, you can master it.”

American football, which requires strength and enthusiasm, is one of the most popular sports in the United States.

However, in Saudi Arabia, soccer remains the most popular sport, mirroring other Gulf states and the Arab world.