Statistics reveal Floyd Mayweather was lucky to beat Manny Pacquiao

According to the report, Mayweather threw more punches than the Filipino boxer

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Following the "Fight of the Century," many were surprised by the results that left Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao losing out to his opponent Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The astonishing results led many to scrutinize every angle of the fight and in one recent statistics report made by Boxing News 24 it seems that Mayweather Jr. did not actually win the fight.

To conduct the report, the U.S.-based Boxing News 24 gathered its team of leading boxing commentators to monitor the video of the match.

After a careful examination, the commentators checked the blows made by each boxer and came up with surprising statistics.

The team of critics concluded that Mayweather threw more punches than the Filipino boxer.

They also observed that Mayweather threw a total of 471 punches against only 414 punches for Pacquiao. However, only 68 of those 471 punches landed; 30 punches fewer than Pacquiao’s.

Earlier this month, ringside punch stats showed Mayweather landing 148 punches of 435, while Pacquiao landed 81 of 429.

Pacquiao blamed the defeat on a shoulder injury that he sustained in a sparring session three weeks ago.

The Fight of the Century was the biggest event boxing has staged in years, generating huge hype around the world.

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