Cristiano Ronaldo’s alleged infidelity left Irina Shayk in shock

Shayk found out about Ronaldo’s infidelity by finding text messages from various women from all over the world on the heartthrob’s phone

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Russian model Irina Shayk ended her five year relationship with Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo on New Year’s Eve, shocking fans all over the world. Now, more details regarding their separation have come to light.

A source close to the couple told The Sun that the reason for their split was Shayk’s discovery of secret flirty text messages with “dozens of women” from all over the world on Ronaldo’s phone.

“For so long she trusted him and stuck up for him but now she feels completely let down and betrayed,” the source said.

The source also said that women had contacted her during their relationship claiming that the Real Madrid player had flirted with them, but she had disregarded their claims.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model reportedly found out about his betrayal by finding one of Cristiano’s phone statements lying around and saw numbers that she didn’t recognize. When she looked the numbers up she was shocked to find that they belonged to women from all over the world, including Colombia, Australia and France.

“She immediately confronted Cristiano about it, but he initially denied any knowledge. After she explained to him what she had found he eventually admitted to messaging the girls. He gave little excuse. She couldn’t believe it so immediately got out of the house. She ended the relationship there and then,” the source told The Sun.

“She was in shock and completely devastated,” a close friend of Shayk’s told HELLO! Online. “It wasn’t a decision she took lightly. Irina always chose to stand by her man. There was no way around it as the truth was staring her in the face. After much thought and consideration, she felt she couldn’t ignore the signs,” adding that she felt “stupid” when the relationship was over.

Irina had previously hinted at the possibility of Ronaldo’s infidelity, telling E! News in February “What I’m looking for in a man is – I think I love honest men and I love a man who is loyal to women. I think this is the most important thing in a man.”

It appears Irina Shayk’s broken heart has been mended thanks to American actor, Bradley Cooper, as they have been seen in passionate embraces in public. According to the HELLO! Online source, the new couple have known each other for quite some time, after being introduced by mutual friends and have been “hanging out” a lot in recent months.