Chelsea says filming teens invaded Jose Mourinho's privacy

Video footage, taken on the mobile of a 14-year-old Chelsea fan, appears to show Mourinho shoving one of the boys

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Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho and his club have strongly refuted suggestions that he intimidated two teenagers who filmed him on a mobile phone in a London street.

Video footage, taken on the mobile of a 14-year-old Chelsea fan, appears to show Mourinho shoving one of the boys filming him while he walked along in Knightsbridge.

The clip was published by The Sun newspaper, but on Friday Chelsea's chief press officer Steve Atkins, speaking at Mourinho's news conference before Chelsea's Premier League match with West Ham United on Saturday, said the manager's privacy had been invaded.

The Chelsea boss, who regularly walks to his home after games also said he had no respect for newspapers who delved into his private life.

"We have noted the two recent stories concerning Jose being filmed on mobile phones," Atkins said, reading from a statement.

"While Jose understands the laws pertaining to filming in public places, the two teenagers in question followed him from his home for well over 20 minutes and constantly interrupted private phone calls which he and the club believe goes beyond the bounds of reasonable behaviour."

Atkins said Mourinho, who has always spoken warmly of the public reception he receives in London, and the club considered these last two incidents overly intrusive.

"We also note the allegations of intimidation in those stories which Jose strongly refutes and which his legal representatives will continue to monitor closely," he added.

Mourinho, in low-key mood throughout the conference, was asked if any of the visiting South African rugby union players, in London for their World Cup and who visited Chelsea's training ground on Thursday, would benefit his football team.

"You don't get from me funny headlines or answers," he replied.

"I am going treat your bosses the same way they treat me. No respect. No respect, and I am not speaking about football.

"In football I am ready to accept any kind of critic, even the stupid ones, but my private life and stupid things that you being to the light, I don't like it, so we have a different level of professional relations."