Barcelona defender launches foul-mouthed tirade against media

Dani Alves is unhappy about the way the media covers the Primera Liga

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Barcelona defender Dani Alves launched a foul-mouthed tirade on social media on Friday over soccer coverage by the Spanish press.

The outspoken full back hit out at what he described as sensationalism by the media in a message on Instagram.

He did not refer to any specific incident, although he also posted a photograph from Barca's fiery derby against Espanyol on Wednesday.

"Truly each day I feel more embarrassed to be a part of this sport, the way we are used and the way they play with us," Alves wrote.

"We are objects used by the press for their benefit, so they sell newspapers. Less and less they talk about football, strategy, play, the runs to score goals, the saves and the spectacle," he added before using an expletive to condemn the media in general.

Barca quickly distanced themselves from the comments.

"Dani Alves published on Instagram a very critical message where he used offensive language," the club said in a statement.

"While these are the views of the player, which they are free to express, Barcelona feels it necessary to clarify that it does not share these offensive expressions that have been published."

Barca have played Espanyol twice in the last week and tension has been rising since the La Liga clash that ended 0-0 on Saturday when there were complaints from Barca players over their opponents' physical play.

Barca won the first leg of the King's Cup last-16 clash on Wednesday 4-1 and Espanyol had two players sent off.

There was a confrontation in the tunnel after the game which led to Barcelona striker Luis Suarez receiving a two-match ban for using provocative language.

It is not the first time Alves has criticised the media. During a news conference last May he refused to listen to a question from Radio Marca which he said was biased towards Madrid clubs.