Egypt denies claims of fans planning to attack Israeli coach

Israel newspaper reports of plot against Ghana team's coach Avram Grant

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Egypt denied Israeli news reports which claimed that a group of Egyptian football fans threatened to attack the Israeli coach of Ghana’s national team during an upcoming match.

Ghana is scheduled to play a FIFA World Cup qualifier match against Egypt on Nov. 13.

A report by the Times of Israel newspaper said that Egypt’s Football Association “uncovered a plan by extremist local fans to attack Ghana national soccer team’s Israeli coach Avram Grant.”

The report claimed that “angry” Egyptian fans sent messages to the football association threatening to harm the Israeli coach during the match in Alexandria.


Osama Ismail, spokesman for Egypt’s Football Association, denied the reports in statements to Alarabiya.net, adding that Ghana’s national team and its accompanying squad are welcomed in Egypt.

Ismail said what has been circulated by Israeli media is completely far from the truth, ensuring that Ghana’s Israeli coach is “welcomed by Egypt’s football Association and Egyptian fans.”

He also said that Egyptians abiding by “sportsmanship” and respect the coach and his team regardless of his nationality or religion.