Engineer your body: Saudi trainer in US offers workout tips

Badr Mogari is a young Saudi living in the US who created the Engineer Your Body In 50 program to help people, particularly Saudis in the states

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Not only electronics, aviation, cars and public transportation need to be design and enhanced by engineers – human bodies can also do with some improving. Those struggling with their weight can become their own engineer by building a healthy lifestyle for themselves.

Badr Mogari is a young Saudi living in the US who created the Engineer Your Body In 50 program to help people, particularly Saudis in the states, to enhance their awareness about sport and their eating habits while still giving them the chance to eat delicious dishes. The 50 in the project name refers to working out for 50 minutes in 50 states.

Mogari works as quality control engineer at an American company and is also part of the sports and nutrition program of a Saudi non-profit organization in the US. He has a master’s degree in industrial engineering, but also did courses in nutrition and exercise while he studied at university, becoming a personal trainer certified by the International Sports and Science Association in the USA (ISSA).

“I formed a team called BodyManagement for personal training with a partner, but we separated. The team helped more than 50 clients to reach their goal. I competed in a physique competition in 2015 and came 4th.”

Social media was the first tool that Mogari uses to spread awareness of his project.

“I talk about sports and nutrition, motivation, along with showing the correct vs wrong way of doing different exercises. Also, I travel a lot for work and found that I had worked out in 10 states, so I asked myself why don’t I combine both working out and motivating people,” he said.

“I visit one city of each state and coordinate with the Saudi Students Club/Association to invite all students to join me and work out with me. I have designed a full workout for 50 minutes; all levels, all goals. Males and females can follow it and will guarantee the user health and wellness, higher stamina. They can achieve their goals if and only if they follow a nutrition plan that fits their goals,” he said.

“We also have a question and answer session to motivate and educate. I send all participants the full workout with instructions to help them understand everything. Then visit the next city/state. I visit two states because I only travel on weekends due to my work on the weekdays,” he said.

So far he has visited 11 states.

“I have some financial struggles, since I pay for all travels out of my pocket,” Mogari said. “My goal is to do the same in the Kingdom and also other parts of the world, when I finish in the US, to help Saudi communities in different countries such as Canada, the UK, Australia, and so on. Only if I have the ability to do so financially because traveling is something I love to do.”

This article was first published by Saudi Gazette on December 2, 2016.