Saudis excel in new-found sport, Squash

The squash game became a popular sport in the Kingdom in 1987

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Saudis have started to play squash nearly 21 years after the establishment of the first international Squash federation in 1966, which included back then Australia, Britain, Egypt, India, New Zealand, Pakistan and South Africa.

Today, the number of countries in the federation amounts to 60, including Saudi Arabia.

The squash game became a popular sport in the Kingdom in 1987 and during the following year, the establishment of the Saudi Squash Federation was announced. Ever since, the Saudi federation has worked hard to expand the base of this sport.

Saudi players started to compete in regional and international championships and won several tournaments.

The federation that is currently headed by Ziad Turki, is managing this sport. The General Administration of Sport offices, is organizing tournaments based on a schedule prepared by the Federation, including: youth categories tournaments, the Kingdom expert tournament and the Kingdom Cup, among others.

Squash is played in specific clubs in most parts of the Kingdom; In the middle regions there are the Hilal, Riyadh, Shabab, Shouaib, Mazahmia and Shoala. As for the Eastern province, there are the Qadisiyah, Itifaq and Safa, as well as western clubs like Hiraa, Majd, Rawda, Ghazwa. In the South there is Zaytoun and in Ihsaa there are Qara, Jil, Hajar and finally in the Jawf there is the Orouba.

On the local level, Yasser Al Abbas has recently won the Saudi Championship for experts under 13 years, at the end of the tournament that was held at the Riyadh club on December 8 and 9.

Saudi Squash players have recently participated in international Arab tournaments entitled “Akhdar Youth” squash tournament, attended by more than 300 players, and which was held in Jazira’s club in Cairo in Egypt.

The squash sport was introduced to the Arab countries at an early stage; Egypt was the first Arab country during the thirties and it was later on followed by the rest of the Middle East.

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