Watch: Witchcraft in Rwanda football

It is not every day that withcraft allegations and rumors surface on a playing field

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It is not every day that withcraft allegations and rumors surface on a playing field. In Rwanda however, the organization in charge of football had to come out openly with a policy to root out the practice in the county’s football fields.

On Christmas eve, the Federation of Rwanda Football Associations (FERWAFA) announced that penalties and bans will be meted out to players, coaches and club officials who take to witchcraft, as reported by Kawowo website.

This follows the December 16, 2017 league game between Mukura Victory Sports and Rayon Sports at Huye, when players from both sides clashed over alleged use of witchcraft by the former’s goalkeeper, Andre Mpazimpaka.

In the video footage Rayon's striker Moussa Camara, whose team was losing 1-0, misses a goal, by hitting the bar.

He then runs to the goal and seems to lean a small object against the post.

But as the game restarts, Camara scores, pulling his team back level.

The incident, was one of many that have caused the FA to act.


FERWAFA vice president Vedaste Kayiranga said that the perception of believing in witchcraft is bound to damage the image of the country as well as pose is a big threat to popularizing football.

The penalties and the action that will be taken will be base upon reports from match officials.

Players and coaches will face fines as well as bans from matches, while the the team found guilty of engaging in witchcraft, it will lose three points and a fine.

At a meeting held early this week at which These steps were decided upon at a meeting held early this week attended by FERWAFA executive committee and all first division club presidents.

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